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Triple drabble, NC-17, just because...

Stress relief

"You're not going to find what you're looking for here," Mistress Kono says, sliding onto the bar stool next to Danny and crossing her long, silk-clad legs. "These are all amateurs." She fishes into her cleavage and pulls out a business card, holding it out to Danny between two elegantly-manicured fingers. "This is the guy you need - best in the business. Ex-military, so he knows a thing or two about discipline." She drops a kiss on his cheek and winks at him as she slips off the bar stool, preparing to leave. "Tell him Kono sent you. Have fun!"


Six foot of tattooed muscle in tight leather pants is just what Danny ordered, especially now that the guy's on brief and has him pinned against the wall, pressed hot and hard against his back and growling filthy words into his ear.

"I'm going to bend you over and paddle your ass until it's burning, and then I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll be feeling me all week. Does that work for you?"

And if Danny was capable of any coherent thought whatsoever, he'd be truly embarrassed at the sound that came out of his mouth right then…


Danny's sore as fuck, and driving to work's no fun, but he feels relaxed, like all the kinks have gotten worked out of his system, both mentally and physically. Even the long coffee queue can't harsh his buzz, and he joins it and lets himself drift…

"Hey," comes a half-familiar deep rumble from behind him. "Danny, isn't it?"

Tan cargo pants, green polo shirt and a blindingly gorgeous smile… Danny flashes to tattooed skin and skin-tight leather, and oh fuck…

How the hell do you make polite small-talk with the reason you'll be doing all your paperwork standing up today?

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