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I've read comments from several people around the place about feeling odd about writing/reading fanfic after the news about Alex, and I quite understand those feelings.

However, personally I feel that the best thing that we as fans can do is to *go on being fans*. To continue to support the show by engaging in our fannish activities: reading and writing fanfic, publishing pic- and gif-spams, rewatching the better episodes and discussing them and the characters. To carry on as normal, having fun and keeping things running, so to speak, so that the wheels don't fall off during Alex's absence. It isn't disrespectful or insensitive, it shows the high regard and affection that we have for the show and its characters.

Alex is dealing with this and will be back; the best thing we can all do right now is carry on as normal to show our faith in him and our support for what he's helped create. He strikes me as a down-to-earth kind of guy - what do you think his advice would be on this?

(I have to say that I don't know how I feel about RPF right now, though. I don't write it personally so it's not an issue for me.)
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Alex O'Loughlin taking time out from Hawaii Five-0

I know that Alex hurt his shoulder back during Season 1, so I'm guessing this dates from then. And we've all seen how, despite all the guff we were fed about added characters taking some of the load off the original cast, Alex seemed to be doing as much if not more than last season on the show.

With what we know about Alex, his work ethic, how he pushes himself and how he doesn't like to disappoint his fans, I'm willing to bet that he's been soldiering on and trying to deal with this himself (hence the weight loss etc). I know how hard it is for someone who values self-discipline (and not making a fuss!) as much as he does to admit that they need help, so good for him.

He's a strong guy and I know he can beat this. I wish him all that's good. I just hope for his sake, for the show's sake and for our sake that he doesn't have to miss too much filming.


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